The story of our handcrafted Mill begin in 1939.
In the succession of generations we have developed exclusive grinding techniques, like the 24 steps slow grinding, where sigle body flours preserve all the nutritional properties of the wheat germ.


Our handcrafted Mill grinds slowly in 24 steps, operating for three generations, proposes a line of flours created to simplify every professional’s work.

Pizza bases

A practical and fast solution in order to realize an high quality pizza
in a small place and without qualified staff.
Our pizza bases and focacce are stretched by hands , one by one, in order to be like the real italian pizza with irregular edges.
The taste depends on the special flours mix, one of them is type 1 wheat germ.
All our bakery products are processed with a special system that allow to not lose its quality after freezing, remaining with high and conistent standards.

Dough balls

Dough balls is a semi-finished product for pizza, bread and focaccia.
Available in personalised weight, from 200 gr up to 600 gr.


It is possible to learn all technical skills to make high quality products with courses on site or in classroom. These courses are made by the most experienced figures in the food world to provide a complete learning experience. Support and assistance for start up and optimization of already existing places.


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